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A local citation indicates your business or company address as it is mentioned on other websites on the internet. It is a combination of your company name, address, phone number, postal or zip code, and website address. Citation in SEO plays a vital role in improving local search results. The local citation comes in different forms, for example:

  • Company name
  • Company name and phone number 
  • Company name, phone number, and address

When users search for services and products related to your niche, search engines use citations to compute your ranking in listings. Your traffic and ranking will not reach the highest potential if your business lacks proper citations. If you want your business to remain popular among customers, you should search the internet for citations according to your business and information.

Benefits of Local citations

The local citations need to be trustworthy and credible because of several advantages. Some of the key benefits that come from local citations are

Easy to Locate Business Details

One of the advantages of local citations is they make things easier for people to locate any business contact details. Your company details will be easy to find out by people with the help of citations.

Important in Ranking Algorithms

When it comes to ranking algorithms in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, local citations play a vital role in this regard. When it comes to search engine optimization, these citations help a business rank higher than those with fewer citations.

Instilling Confidence in Consumers

Google or other search engines always provide updates and also verify the contact information in local business listings. The customers will be more convinced to buy your products when your business name is on different authority sites. So the local citations will reduce the risks and also increase the credibility of a business.

What Local Citations Do?

Citations are helpful to rank your Google listings by providing Google information about your business. The Citations tell Google about your business as it is a very appropriate way confirmed by various sources. Giving customers company names, address, and phone on different Google sites is a major providing gesture to Google.

How do they Work?

Google considers numerous aspects while deciding whether your business listings and related services should provide to customers. One of the things Google takes into account is the closeness of your business to the search location. So if you want to get benefit from local citations, you must have a Google my business listing set up in an optimized and claimed way. The organic SEO links are the ideal ones from relevant websites, and Google uses these kinds of ranking. When we specifically talk about local SEO, Google pack listings are helpful for search results. Getting citations from those sites which have high traffic and domain authority is helpful to improve local search rankings.

Various Kinds of Local Citations

Local citations are of two types; one is structured while the other is non-structured, and both are significant and necessary for any business. For structured citations, you may need a third-party provider. It is the source you will find in your local online directories. The third party is appropriate to enter the business name, address, website, and phone number according to your requirements. On the other hand, when we talk about unstructured citations, you have a little less control because these citations are from blog posts, newspaper articles, government sites, job websites, and online magazine articles.

Importance of Local Citations for SEO

The citations act as votes in your listings and are very significant for local businesses. Therefore, authoritative site citations are much worthy as compared to the less authoritative ones. The citation is an important and helpful element for your local SEO campaign that is helpful to have a positive impact on Google place ranking.

How to Check Local citations

Automated Local Listing Checks

You can check your local business listings for both accuracy and inclusions across the web. Multiple online companies are offering automated local listing tools for business to make things easier. These listings consist of major data collectors that greatly impact web results.


Numerous local citations sources are doing complete manual audits of citations. You can check various citation sites by yourself. However, there are only limited data aggregators that you would want to check. These include big plays like Apple maps, and Facebook.

Components of Local citations

The central components of local citation are the company’s name, phone number, address, and you can also add a link or reference to the designated page of the business website. A citation may consist of the following elements:

  • Business categories
  • Driving directions
  • Business descriptions
  • Hours of operations
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Payments forms accepted
  • Reviews
  • Taglines
  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers

All of the above components of citations can be developed either by filling forms directly or using automated software on local business platforms.

Citations help Customers to discover your Business

People don’t always rely on Google to search for local business. They often use different sites like yellow pages, yelp, and specialist directories. The business directories are helpful for local queries and related search results. Suppose you are trying to search for “plumber Nottingham”, very few results will be from the plumber’s website. Many of them are business directories listing a lot of plumbers. So, if you want customers to find your services at the top, you need to be cited there for searches so that customers can locate your business.


Local citations are publications of your business data on the internet. They impact local search engine rankings and consumer discovery. When you provide precise citations, they are helpful to create a positive impact and ranking. The active location data management is the need of today’s local business. If you want accurate local citations to rank your business at the top in search results, feel free to contact us at Tufi Digital for exclusive services. We will provide you automated, semi-automated, and manual solutions for your business with strategies. We will offer you complete research and potential options for your services and investments in a meaningful way.

                     Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Local Citation Significant for Small Business?

Local citations act as a tool to increase your local search engine rankings. In other words, when your business is mentioned/listed/cited on different authoritative websites and trade directories, it is viewed as a reliable business by Google and by potential customers.

How are New Citations Formed?

The citations service asks from client to up-to-date and to correct NAP. After that, it does a citation audit, repairs citations, builds specific citations related to the niche, and sends the client a detailed report of each citation.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Local Citation Service?

If you hire a well-reputed and experienced digital agency, you will get access to different authority websites in their network. The professionals will develop and build citations mentioning your business name, sites, social media platforms that are most trusted and relevant for high-quality content. The greater the number of your citations, the more chances is to show your local search results.



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