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Muhammad Tufail Abbas
Founder & CEO

Muhammad Tufail Abbas

Muhammad Tufail Abbas, Founder & CEO of Tufi Digital (Pvt) Ltd. working as a Digital Marketer lives in Paharpur, Pakistan. Having a keen interest in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship, I have been working since 2013 in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Local SEO. Alongwith serving international companies I’ve started my own business, and thus my dream of being an entrepreneur comes true.
With the thirst of knowledge I keep on learning new skills and now I have completed many SEO courses from MOZ, Semrush Academy, and Digiskills. I believe that result-oriented marketing services should be accessible to everyone. I’m here to dominate SEO and Online Marketing, making them affordable for every business sector.

With a team of 20+ professionals all over Pakistan, I am blessed to have a hard working, honest, and committed team. Me and my whole team are working with devotion to fulfil our mission to be at the forefront of our client’s needs. We, as a responsible SEO&Digital Marketing team ensures the business’ growth with great reliability.

Tufi Digital

CEO, Founder (Present)

Entrepreneurs Pakistan

Founder (2021 to Present)

East & West SEO

SEO Manager 2013-2019

iLocal Citations

Co-Founder (2019-2020)

Wait, I have something to tell you about myself.

I’m involved in some other companies too, such as Entrepreneurs Pakistan, and iLocal Citations.



My Companies

Tufi Digital (Pvt) Ltd.

Tufi Digital is an award winning digital marketing agency owned by two brothers, Muhammad Tufail Abbas, and Muhammad Sohail Abbas. It is providing premium quality digital marketing & SEO services based in Paharpur, KPK. Our main goal is to provide top-notch digital marketing to our clients to grow their business and increase revenue consequently. Tufi Digital has won the best Local SEO Agency 2020 award by New World Report.

iLocal Citations

iLocal Citations is personalized to provide local citations services to SEO Agencies and individuals.

iLocal Citations is also offer white hat citation services at cheapest rates.

Entrepreneurs Pakistan

Entrepreneurs Pakistan is Pakistan’s most authentic magazine of new generation Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

Muhammad Tufail Abbas
Muhammad Tufail Abbas


Automobile Electrician 2007-2009

I have started my professional journey in 2007 in my town Paharpur at the age of 12 years old as automobile electrician and spent my 3 years and learn a lot about the vehicles but unfortunately, I got skin allergy problems, therefore, I have to leave the workshop in 2009.

Computer Operator 2009-2010

I was very interested in computers and the internet and I have a little knowledge of computers but I can’t afford the computer at that age so I decided to work on Composing Shop as Computer Operation Internship at the age of 15 years. It was a very interesting Niche, but I was not happy with the composing work because I love to work on the internet only. Therefore I quit my job after 2010.

Waiter at Junk Food Corner 2011

I have started a waiter job for a month only to earn some money and fulfill my dreams at RS 2100/- Monthly. But in the end, they didn’t pay my complete salary so I quit the job and came back to the Composing Shop again.

Again, Computer Operator 2011-2012

I came back to that Composing Shop again and started learning regarding online work. I have tried a few online earning sources like ad clicking and captcha typing etc. But soon I realized that all of these workers are fake and just wasting my time. My teacher (Shop Owner) and 2 friends were very kind heart and great personalities, they give me the advice to start work with SEO Agency named East & West SEO and Web Development Company.

East & West SEO and Web Development Company 2013-2020

Honestly, this was my life’s turning point. I have started the job in Oct-2013 as a Local Citations Builder. This wasn’t a fixed salary job and I was a freelancer there.

I earn RS 1420/- the first month.

Yes, RS 1420/-. I still remembered it because it was my first payment in the online world.

I started learning about SEO and Digital Marketing and polish my skills to increase the rankings of websites. It looks like play a game with search engines and I was very interested in these.

After that, I started Local SEO and work on Local Businesses for National & International clients.

Tufi Digital (Pvt) Ltd. 2021 – Present

I started freelancing on Fiverr & Upwork and quit my job. I get many orders in a very small time and earn a good amount in my starting years then I started my own company with my brother in 2021 at Paharpur and also I have opened a digital skills Academy to help youngsters in my town.